Why is all this happening?

But why is all this happening in the first place? I don’t understand.


You have stories from the Old Testament where prophets warned ahead of time about disasters to come. Well, your scientists and climatologists are modern-day prophets, and just as in those Old Testament stories, today’s rulers ignore their warnings at their own–and their citizens’–peril.


So what is an ordinary person to do?


Pray. Keep connected. Counsel as many as will listen, now and afterwards, to heed the warnings. Believe I can even now inspire solutions, creative solutions, to ease the pain the earth is feeling.


The earth is in pain?


Of course. You think a storm like this impacts only humans? The very earth, the waters, the winds and waves, are literally suffering even as their energy is ramped ever higher. For the earth is Mine–and its fullness–and no part of My earth rejoices in destruction, not flood, not fire. Rain, wind, fire–these were meant as blessings, not curses. The earth is out of balance and suffers under the weight of that burden. And yes, it is breaking My heart. I made earth out of a dream in My Heart, of a place of great beauty, populated by great love. Now look at it!


Lord, You made miracles. Miracles for the blind and lame, You cleansed lepers, You healed the deaf, You cured epilepsy, You transformed water to wine, You multiplied meager resources, You helped Peter pay his taxes, You brought an abundant catch of fish, You calmed the storm on the Lake, You raised Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus. You make miracles Now. So please…would my fasting help?


That is another misconception. You never have to “convince Me” or “persuade Me” to take a loving action, to be Who I Am: Healer, Protector, Provider. You think this is what you have to do. But, no. I Am Healer. I Am Protector. I Am Provider. You merely have to receive. And receiving is an individual choice.

Some sadly, don’t know. Don’t understand. Don’t realize Who I Am. Some cannot really accept that I Am here to be all those things, for them. So they give up, or give in. They don’t know. Knowing isn’t study, isn’t listening to or memorizing sermons or Bible verses. Knowing implies relationship. Knowing about Me and knowing Me are two very different things. Knowing about Me breaks down in crisis, personal or collective. Only knowing Me, Who I Am, gets you through. So pray Floridians hear Me, sense Me, pray they listen. For everyone who is able to listen, truly hear My Voice, will be spared, even in this storm.

Don’t Be Afraid

Please. Will You hear my heart’s cry, and will You please intervene? Will You do this thing I am asking?


Because you have asked this, I say to you, I am hearing your cry, and I will act to save Florida from destruction that would have otherwise been. Not to show Myself strong–to show you, to show praying people everywhere, how strong, how effective your prayers are. I have asked you to pray, asked you to ask, so you can see how this works, how prayer, how connecting with Me and getting hold of My Heart, changes everything. “For it is not My will that anyone perish.”

Yesterday I asked, and I am still praying You weaken the storm, wring it out. So in advance of a strike, I see the storm is weaker. Thank You. And I posted my “I can’t hear You” entry.

Yes, you can.

You can hear Me.  And you know I hear you–all of you. I Am not deaf, and I Am not mute. Neither are you.

Okay, so, deep breath, what would You say? Now? To our fear? “Fear not” doesn’t seem practical.

Fear is a last resort. I never want any child, any of My Children, which means anyone on the planet, to feel afraid. I said “fear not” over and over and over. I sent angels to say “Don’t be afraid.” I don’t want humans afraid. That is not My will or My plan.

But isn’t Your will what happens? I mean, You are God–so, Thy Will Be Done–it’s Your will, it is what is supposed to happen, right?

Oh, little one, no wonder you are so afraid, so susceptible to fear and the torment fear brings.

No, My will is, sadly, rarely done. That is why what you call The Lord’s Prayer begins with, first, an acknowledgement that I Am Holy, which is another way of saying I Am Goodness, I Am Kindness, I Am Pure Love. Next comes “Thy will be done” as a plea, not as a statement of fact. If My will were done, you would be living in Eden: no shame, no regret, total transparency between humans, and completely tame wildlife. You would be fed, fulfilled, healthy, loving, and loved. There would be peace on earth.

I asked you to pray for God’s will to be done in the context of My Holiness, My Hallowedness, not to focus your attention on all that is wrong in the world, but as a way to align yourself with all that is good and right and true.

Right now, your heart-cries and pleas for mercy are good and right and true, and I promise you, I Am acting on behalf of all My people, prompting everyone to take action, to take shelter, to keep themselves safe in the storm. You ask, where am I? I am in the midst of Irma, weakening it here, turning it there, giving as many people possible as much time as possible to flee and get to safety.




I can’t hear You

Lord, I can’t hear You. Please…

You’ve let the world become too loud again in your heart, Little One. Not My world—the world of protest and angst, of fear and anger, of doubt and despair and desperation. Even Jesus “came apart”—you need to “come apart” before you completely come apart at the seams. The fabric of your life with Me is not thin, not fragile, not worn, not threadbare. It is like a blanket of down, remember? It is the soft buckskin of Give-Away deer to remind you, footprints like hearts through your day.

Lord, I somehow want to lie down on the sand. Literally. Stretch out on Your earth, let You heal me. Connect to ground and let the earth speak.

I want you to think of yourself as the Alpha Mare in your own life, responsive to and following Me as your stallion. Let others follow you. You follow Me.

Keeping in Rhythm

I am so full of my own thoughts, I can’t seem to shut them out long enough to tune You in.

You always assume you have to silence yourself to hear Me speak, as if I were not living inside your heart, inside your deepest and best thoughts and feelings. I want for us to be like a Duet, in perfect harmony. Harmony singing is not unison of notes, it is unison of timing. It is being in rhythm. When you get frantic, we are no longer in harmony. You need to listen—especially—for My rhythm. That will change and direct the notes you produce. You will be both more productive and more rested if you can stay on the beat.

The Beat of My Heart in your life is always Peace. Is always Gentleness. Yours is the way of Gentle Understanding. Yours is the way of the Soft Answer—the answer that “turns away wrath.” You can walk the narrowest path with ease, because your steps are confident—if you can keep to the Beat. For every thought, ask yourself, is this in rhythm with God’s beat in my life? If not, it is an intruder and can be ignored.

This does not mean the rhythm of your life is dull, boring, never-changing. It doesn’t mean you are marching and plodding. You can dance. You can waltz. You can syncopate, even, as long as the syncopation keeps to an underlying, foundational rhythm.


Lord, what would You say about legacy?

I’d say, dream Big. Vision Bigger. “God has planted eternity in the human heart.” You think that’s small? Try to imagine: I, God, have planted—like a seed—Eternity. In your heart. A perspective that sees no limit anywhere, for anything. A mindset that anticipates miracles, not out of hubris, out of faith. A heart that knows Me, at depth, at breadth, at height, at length. Knows beyond “knowing.” A heart that feels certain. A heart that asks—and walks—in confidence, in assurance. Not out of arrogance, out of the conviction of the infallibility of our connection. A heart that knows I Am God, I Am Good, I Am Lord, I Am Love.

Do you love your son? I, more.

Do you love your husband? I, more.

Do you love the grandchildren? I, more, more.

Do you want the best for them? I, more.

Did your mother and father want the best for you?

Do I want the best for you?

Breathe that in. Release all doubt. Be a Champion. Act like a champion acts. Own it. Embody it. Attract the world to you, to your door. The world will be blessed by the eternity I have planted in you. Own your calling, own My choosing of you. Shine—blaze—you carry My light within you. Fear not the storm. You will spread the Peace.

Choose Joy Over Fear and Worry

Lord, I find myself saying, over and over, I am tired. I am so tired. But I also keep saying I want more—more time to be creative, more opportunities to minister, to have an impact for You.

If you could lay down worry, and stress, and just go about living each day joyously and fully, and leave the parts of your life and your business that worry you in My care, you would immediately feel better. Pete would see that and he would relax, and feel better. Rather than wasting time and energy endlessly planning and worrying, you could be even more sensitive to My leading. Your life will take on a different hue. The joy will return. The success you stress over will flow to you, drawn by your confident expectation. It is My joy to give you the kingdom, remember?

The only lock on the door is your worry, which creates fear and stress, which leads to panic, depression, insomnia and a whole host of health issues, some serious. Ramp down. This is part of that old set of tapes, the tapes that say you are in a battle zone and you have to prepare for every possible enemy assault. No, no, no. You are in My Hands, and you have to prepare for every conceivable blessing—and blessings beyond all you could ask or think. But you will miss those blessings if you continue to give fear the upper hand.

You choose whom to listen to. All day long, every day, you choose. Choose Life. Choose Joy. Choose Me. Choose the Fragrance of My Annointing. Walk and live in the Presence of God. Let others wonder how you do it! Just do it! Let’s not waste one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more week, one more year. Let’s not miss any more Moments. Let’s make Moments count. Let’s make Moments count, together. Give Me something to work with. Trade in your worry for My Joy. Expect the miraculous again. Refuse to be dismayed or pushed off course.



Speaking For God vs. Speaking With God

It’s weird, kind of, making these private conversations public, and it’s even weirder, asking You for a message, a timely message, to help others. Why is this weird? Why do I feel uncomfortable?

Because you have seen messages purportedly from Me misused. You have seen people whose character or motives you mistrusted stand up and proclaim they were speaking for Me. And you don’t want to do that, to be that.

That’s right–so, how will this work? I mean, isn’t that exactly what I ‘m doing, proclaiming I am speaking for You?

There is a difference between speaking for Me and speaking with Me. I don’t want to dictate a message; I want us to continue to have and to deepen our relationship, and for you to continue to be willing to share that relationship with the world. I am not looking for prophets–I’m looking for people who want what you want, to be deeply and personally connected with Me, and inspired by that connection, to discover the best of themselves, find their own highest fulfillment and deepest joy, all while blessing the world with their enthusiasm, with their quiet faith, with their exuberant joy, with their steady love, with their fierce and gentle peacefulness. Yours is the role of an Inviter. You are inviting others to eavesdrop on our conversations in order that they might decide to begin conversations of their own. That’s not too weird a thought, is it?

No, and it takes the pressure off.

I never want you to feel pressured. I want you to feel loved. Loved and led, remember? Now scoot. Your day is beginning–and remember, I Am with you. You can talk to Me any time, about anything.

Bring Your Best

Lord, I always start my day, start at the page, with me. I…whatever. Even if it’s gratitude, shouldn’t I be starting with You?


You have been taught to fear the “I” word, that “I think” and “I feel” are somehow unspiritual. Where else would I want you to start? When couples marry, each says, “I do.” Each brings the best—and worst—of themselves to the table. Each commits to the other.

Some people believe all I want to hear about is Myself—how great I Am, how powerful or holy. I know Who I Am, and yes, part of this relationship is for you to learn Who I Am. But I also know who you are, and part of this relationship is for you to discover who you are, what your gifts are, what and who your loves are, and how you fit into My beautiful world—which means learning about others, who they are.

Nothing delights Me more than seeing you make an important discovery about yourself, and using that new knowledge in the larger world. I have told you before, you have to have a self in order to share a self.

The key question is, what is your center focus? If all you think about is yourself, with no regard for anyone else, you are like those who used to believe the earth was the center of the universe, and the sun circled the earth. But many make the opposite mistake and are equally unbalanced when they refuse to factor themselves, their personalities, and their dreams into their own life equation.

The third way is what I am calling you—all of you—to do. Bring your best to the world. Bring your best to your relationships. Bring your best to your job, which means, find the job best suited to the real you. Bring your best to Me, morning by morning, evening by evening, day by day. Bring your best to the world. After all, isn’t that what I Myself do with you?


Why is it so hard for you to rest?

I don’t know, Lord. Why is it so hard for me to rest? Because nothing, nothing is ever finished. I’m thinking about Genesis—You finished creation and then rested. As a model. Right?

First of all, creation is ongoing. Second, you have scripture that says the Lord never sleeps or grows weary, that I am always watching over My creation. So maybe you need a new definition, a new understanding of “rest.” Maybe it’s not meant as an antidote to “fatigue.” Maybe labor requires one kind of pause, physically and mentally. Maybe “rest” is an immersion, like floating in water, like soaking in a hot tub, but immersed in My Presence where you receive new creative input. Like plugging in a battery—you don’t have to wait to re-charge until it’s fully depleted.


Vision Quest

The year is racing downhill and I am indoors lying in a recliner with an ice pack on my back and a very poor attitude. Not a good way to begin a Vision Quest.

There is nothing wrong with beginning a Vision Quest out of frustration. Or sorrow, or grief or anger, or any other emotion. The only “wrong” would be not beginning at all. Everyone who came to Me for healing was healed: body, mind and spirit. That is all you need to remember.

Lord, I don’t know how or where to start.

You start a hike by picking up your pack. Why don’t we see what is in your pack?

Okay. It feels disorganized, thrown together, like my life feels right now. If I wanted or needed anything, like a flashlight, it’d be hard to find it.

So the first step is to clear out the clutter. That is what meditation does, it clears your mind.

Lord, when I go outside now, I am almost desperate to come back with a saleable image, as justification for going. Like no other reason counts.

Usually, the only way you rest is by being sick. Or injured. This is a long-standing problem. Even your vision quest you are treating like a march, hurry up and get there, rather than as an adventure.

Lord, it’s true. I am hurrying because I am anticipating being interrupted before I really even get started. I just want to understand.

Understanding is over-rated. You can experience without actually understanding. You can know without having words to fully explain. Here is what you experience, in your best moments: a connection to Me and to this earth that you are certain of. A joining. A call and response. I call, you answer; you call, I answer.

Lord, it is true. I say all the time, I don’t know how the radio works, or the tv, or the computer, or the phone, even!

But you enjoy all of them. It is time you experienced the joy again. What if I told you your new lens was a special gift from Me? That I—not your ego—planted the desire for that lens, and I pre-arranged its availability? What if I planned the whole thing? See, there is so much you “never thought of.”