Life Practices

Lord, I need, I want, to establish some working, sustainable pattern of affirmations. My mind is always telling myself, telling my body some version of reality. It is never really quiet. So why not make sure what it is saying, the story it’s choosing, is positive rather than negative. Right?


You do choose to a large extent what to read, what to watch, what to listen to, what to absorb and assimilate. And what you choose to bring in directly affects what comes out. It is not that reciting affirmations guarantees you a life free from challenge or difficulty or change. But reminding yourself of My Truths and Promises, and reminding yourself of your own strengths and capabilities can ease difficulties and make sure challenges and changes transform into positive possibilities.

The truth is, you would very quickly get bored if every single was same-same, with no growth–particularly if same-same narrowed your opportunities to both connect and be creative.

Some of my friends pooh-pooh affirmations. Others live by them.

Don’t look to your friends. Look within yourself. What has been the fruit in your life, both using them and ignoring them: You aren’t trying to replicate your friends’ experiences, no matter how wonderful. You need to craft your own. So I would ask you, what has worked best for you in your life.

Community gathering began to not work–I think maybe because by the time it didn’t work, I had abandoned some of my own private replenishing practices, and in each of the community gathering venues, I was expected to pour out, in greater or lesser amount, and my well was dry by then. Each of these had ceased to be places or times that replenished me, and eventually I had nothing left to give.

So don’t start there. Start where you are. Start here. Work with the truths you know and let more occur to you.

Ok, Lord, well, here is what I know. What I know for sure. I know “Thou art with me.” I know I can move through my day with ease and grace, and I can accomplish every task with ease. I lived that before; I know it is true. I know I have been, and can be again, in the right place at the right time. Led by You.

I know my life blesses others and that I am a magnet for peace and lovingkindness, from critters and birds to people. I know Your world is beautiful at its core, and abundant, with more than enough for everyone to thrive, including me. I know You have a fountain of creative ideas and inspirations. 

I know You are Jehovah-Rapha and I know You are Jehovah-Jireh. Lord My Healer, Lord My Provider. I know I can trust the ones I love to Your Love.

What part of any of that feels false? What part provokes stress or anxiety.

None of it, Lord.

So here is a Template of Truth for your days. Why don’t you print it out where you can see it? We shall add to it as we go. And do an Art Page around these themes. And write some lyrics to help you remember these truths. And come back and let’s talk some more tomorrow.


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