Blue Moonrise

God, tonight I want to talk about the moonrise, the Super Blue Moon moonrise.  I’ve already posted some photos on Facebook. But I want to talk to You about it. Second full moon of January, the first month of the year…lunar eclipse earlier today, making this Super Blue Blood Moon truly unique. The last time we had a US total eclipse (even though we couldn’t see it here) of a Super Blue Moon was (thank you Google) on March 31, 1866. The Civil War had ended not quite a year before. Some folks look for portents in the moon; blood moons hearken back to Old Testament verses folks interpret as the end of the world. Various cultures find meaning in eclipses generally, and lots of folks look at new moons as times of beginning and full moons as times of fulfillment, or letting go. You often speak to me through nature. So…is there some meaning beyond “gee that was neat” that I should receive from tonight’s full moon?

How did you feel when the moon came up?

Joyful. Excited. Grateful. I wasn’t sure if the cloud layer to the north would obscure its rising, but there it was! And as it rose higher in the sky it began to light up the wisps of clouds around it, and it shone so bright that the clouds in front of its face just faded. It looked like they were behind the moon! 

I want you, I want My world to experience wonder. Wonder is not just for children. Much of the world’s current spiritual hunger and thirst stems from a mindset that has replaced wonder with logic. Science is wonderful, and necessary; you humans like to solve riddles, figure everything out, find tidy explanations, and categorize experience. Those traits have served humanity well but some experiences aren’t always explainable or understandable to the finite human mind. A mindset that requires precise explanations and measurable and consistent results leaves no room for the miraculous. The rise in popular culture of fantasy and science fiction–notice that term, science fiction–is an attempt by your artists to reconcile the logical, scientific side of grown-up humanity with the wonder and awe and openness of children.

I have asked you this before but I need to ask you again: do you think Heaven will be boring? Do you think your loved ones are bored in My Presence now? Do you think that your eternal existence will be described by words such as static, stagnant, frozen, unmoving, or sameness? You read, I Am the Lord, I change not and you think of these sorts of words, as if Heaven’s existence is like the click of your shutter, freezing a moment, a nanosecond, of experience. But what happened tonight in real time, as you reckon time? The moon Rose. It literally grew before your eyes, becoming bigger, brighter, and higher in your field of vision. I Am Risen. That is not a static fact, that is an ongoing, eternal reality of growth and expansion in your experience of Me and My Life, both within you and in the world around you and in the eternity you have yet to grasp.

When I say, I change not, or I Am the Same, yesterday, today, and forever, what I mean is, I Am Always Who I Am. My character does not change. I Am not Love today and Ambivalence or Hatred tomorrow. I Am not Peace now and War later. I Am not Mercy here and Unmerciful there. I Am Always and Fully Myself. But (this will be hard for you to grasp at first), I Grow. With every human born, My Love grows, My Mercy grows, My Heaven grows. Your astrophysicists tell you, the Universe is ever-expanding. Listen to them. They are close to the realm where science and wonder meet. That meeting place is the Door to My Kingdom, and you yourself are closer to the Door than you imagine, much closer than you were even five years ago.

You have heard, so-and-so is so heavenly minded that she is no earthly good. That is spoken as an indictment. You have heard, get your head out of the clouds. I tell you, you will be increasingly so heavenly minded that you will be of much earthly good, much greater good than you could have been otherwise. The same is true of every human being who seeks to connect more deeply with Me, to experience My Presence in fresh ways, and to embrace this seeming paradox, of science and wonder united.

This is the lesson of this full moon for you: embrace your life. Embrace your ever-larger, ever-brighter, ever-rising-higher life.


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  1. Wow, wow, wow, wow!!

    I love reading your daily journal blogs of your conversations with God. Always inspiring, enlightening, thought provoking…and sometimes challenging or initially uncomfortable.

    But some days, your words – and more importantly – HIS, simply hit me. They are so profound and moving and exciting, that they leap off the screen, with a big arrow to a sign that says ‘Turning point’.

    Today’s was one of those magnificent moments; reflecting the awesomeness of God’s gift of the Super Blue Moon.

    While it was obscured by dense cloud cover where I live, your and words and photos -and His – helped me to watch and look in wonder and awe.

    Thank you.

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