Spiritual Hydration

This week has been a rollercoaster. And while I was writing down all of the various whats and whys, I had this insight, and I think You inspired it. I need to live in each present moment emotionally even when I need to plan ahead, mentally. Like making to-do lists. That is planning ahead mentally. But I don’t need to live ahead emotionally. That’s it! Right?

Yes, this is the secret of “don’t worry about tomorrow; let tomorrow take care of itself.”  Worry is an emotional response. Mindfulness doesn’t mean ignoring the future or the past but it does mean staying spiritually and emotionally grounded in the present.

Ok, Lord, well I am definitely going to need Your help with that. As I said, this week has been a roller-coaster of thought and emotion.

So, come and drink. You need water. You are picturing as you often do a cool, clear, safe mountain stream to drink from. You need to stay hydrated, especially today. Especially after your recent surges of adrenalin, which you handled very well. But just like an athlete does, you need to replenish. So before you eat even, drink a glass of water.

Next, in your shower, take a few minutes and let the water rain on you. Try to relax your very tight muscles. Even now your jaw is clenched as you write—see you weren’t even conscious of that. So take a few minutes to relax.

Third, do a gratitude list this morning. It will help you shift your focus. Even though you did one last night, do another this morning. Gratitude always brightens our outlook and refreshes your spirit.

Fourth, build in time to go to the ocean this afternoon. Even a few minutes there, really listening to the sound of the surf, will restore you.

You will get through the day’s tasks and have more energy than you have right now. If you can trust Me to just begin, I promise you today will only get better.

Ok, Lord, and thank You.

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