Lord, it’s a busy time, before Christmas. What would You say here, now, to my heart?

Look for My Coming. The Shepherds had to look—they had to go and see. The Wise Men had to look, to seek, in order to find. And what they found was totally unexpected.


So I want you to look for Me—and for your life’s purpose, your right-now-today, in-this-chapter, in-the-moment purpose. I want you to find the settledness and assurance and confidence that comes from the “I know”, as in, “I know God is leading me.” I sent angels to the shepherds, a guiding star to the wise men. They didn’t stumble around in the night. I don’t want you to stumble around in the night of wondering, wondering if you are on track, on the right path. I want you to walk confidently in knowing, in the wonder of assurance. So look for Signs of My coming—to you. Through you and your life. That is the Advent I want you to seek. Then I want you to receive gifts, the gifts of My Presence with you, the same gifts given to Me:

Gold—Business and financial prosperity. And yes, stellar recognition for your own work.

Frankincense—The sweet anointing of My Presence and Spirit on all you do.

Myrrh—My comfort for any sorrow.