Name Me

So, I had a Christmas word for yesterday, what about today? What would You say about today?

Think about all the ways I Named Myself, all the ways I Am Named, in your scriptures:




Good Shepherd

Living Water





Prince of Peace

Wonderful Counselor

You think of them as titles. What if you thought of them like nicknames, like affectionate nicknames: You say, honey, dear, sweetie. You call your kitty by her name but you also call her Sugar, same as you did with Freddi, your fox. You called Mikey, Mijou, as an affectionate nickname. Nicknames imply a close, special relationship. Even if someone becomes known only by a nickname, the origins of the name were always in relationship with someone special. So think again about all My Nicknames. Take the first one the Gospel of John uses. Word.

Think how you would use Word as a nickname in your relationship, your very personal relationship with Me. Ah, the writer of you is smiling now. Or Light. Can you picture this conversation—

Me, God: Hey, it’s Me, Word. Grab your coat and come outside, I have something I want to talk to you about.

You, Eve: Ok, Word, Ok, Light, I’m coming. Are You going to enlighten me?

Me, God: Yes, I as Truth Am going to Speak as Word, and Shine as Light on Myself as your Way, to give you wisdom in your decisions, direction for your day, which will bring Peace to your minutes and hours, and to your relationships with others.

Call on My Names—I have many more than these.

For everything you need, listen for My Name.

Wow, God, that’s…I don’t know what to say about that.

Anytime you don’t know what to say, look to Me to be Word.

Ok, so when I need…

When you need anything. For everything you need, I Am.

You miss your earthly father especially today. And I Am Abba, Father, Daddy. You miss your Mom, and I Am Bread who nourishes you and your truest cheerleader, saying, Well Done, and encouraging you along the way. You are never alone, not one of you. I Am—always, everywhere and for all time.