Breathe In The Positive

Lord, I am scrolling through old journals, as You said I could, and I stop, astounded. I am reading entries from three years ago, and You said then words that are so fitting for today. Again and again I read something You said before the situation, preparing me for what was to come. And here You go. You have done it again. So I am going to share this, Lord. It is so timely, I am going to trust it will be as timely for someone else reading in the moment.

Every step of growth—personal and professional—is a leap. You feel unready and unprepared; that is what learning is for. I Am not asking you to be, yet. I Am asking you to become. To be, come. To Be, Come. Come, follow Me. Come with Me. Come, and see.

Today, Come to the Sea. Come to the Leaves. Come Outside to go Within. That is your personal paradox, the distinct definition of your calling. Outside to go Within. Then you fill the well to pour out, outside in your larger world, rippling beyond your circle. That is the breathe in, breathe out, of your life. Go out/breathe in; go in/breathe out. That’s the rhythm of it. Go out, take a deep breath; hold it in; release it out, transformed to nourish the very place you were nourished by. Take in the spiritual oxygen you need and trust that the carbon dioxide you release is exactly what you are meant to give.

You’ve been trying to do this backwards, to live as a tree: to take in the carbon dioxide and put out the oxygen. To absorb in your body the negative and push out the positive. I say to you, take in, be filled with the positive and you will release the negative, and your release of the negative will in turn create the transformation of negative-to-positive, just as the trees do. But you do your part by staying positive, absorbing the good, being on the lookout for the purest oxygen possible. Breathe that. Immerse in that. Let every word, every thought, every breath, be Love. You can change your world one breath at a time. Your love is changing the people around you. Don’t focus on change—just focus on staying in the flow of My Yes to you. Yes to opportunity. Yes to safety. Yes to health. Yes to peace. Yes to joy. Yes to love. Go outside and Be, Come—more of who you are.

2 Replies to “Breathe In The Positive”

  1. Reading this I realize that, between the anniversary of my Mom’s death (27th), the new additional health issues with my husband and house problems, I have been holding my breath. Waiting for the next problem to blow up & suck the oxygen out of my life. When I do breathe it is very short shallow breaths never truly breathing in the good or letting out the bad or negative. Going into my Fix-It mode I lost sight of the dream, the vision that God desires for me. I know in my heart that I must breathe in in order to release and to give to others. Your words that you share have reminded me that I must breathe in and breathe out no matter what is going on around me. The breathing in for me is breathing in the sweet scent of the Holy Spirit, filling completely then breathing out the love of God… to those around me. Thank you Eve for sharing, for being brave enough to share. God bless you

    1. Gail, I logged on and felt prompted to look back at some postings from November, and found your encouraging comments here. I am sorry I did not realize you had responded–for some reason I received no email notification of that (must recheck my settings!). Please be encouraged in knowing how much you are encouraging me. I think of you and your situation often as I am writing, and I am praying for you. Eve

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