The way west

Lord, You got anything for me? Anything with my name on it?

I always have something for you, but you’ve lowered your expectations.

I know I have. It’s like I am trying to fly under the radar.

You are afraid blessings bring curses, bring a backlash. Yin-yang, push-and-pull, sweet-and-sour. You think you can keep sorrow at bay by turning away joy. I’d like to roll up with an armored truck loaded with blessings, more blessings than you could ever imagine—but you have to be present to sign for it.

Present to sign for it. Hmm. I get present—aware, alert. Right? And in the present, not the past, not the future. Put my name to it. You sign for a shipment when the sender wants to verify you’ve received it. Lord?

This isn’t a loaner. You would have to sign for a loaner, too. This is yours. This isn’t something you have to send back.

Lord, why can’t I let go of the West? What is its hold on me?

The West is part of My dream and My plan for you—that’s why you can’t let go. Trust Me to get you there.

I miss it. I look at my pictures and I don’t know what I want, but they are not it. And I tried so hard…

I don’t want you to try so hard. I want you to feel. Feel, then see. You are trying to see, then feel. That’s backwards. Feel, then see. That is your way forward. Not science. Not composition. Not art. Connection. Feel. Feel the air, feel the sea, feel, feel, feel the light, feel the clouds. Feel your way back. The blind move by feeling their way. Feel your way back to sight. Let others be artful—you be connected. They will have their audience, their market, and you will have yours. Feel your way back home. Draw close. See far and see near. Find your heart again. You nourish many others, but I Am not asking you to do that at the cost of your own life. Come to your beginning place. Let’s begin again. Feel, and you’ll see.