Dancing Butterflies

Lord, I knew this new puppy would be exhausting. Thank You, by the way, for the extra hours of sleep last night. I am so grateful for some rest. What I did not anticipate and I don’t know how to handle is that the schedule is making it much harder to have my time in the morning with You. The past few days it has been impossible. Right now it is nearly 6 pm and I am snatching minutes before supper to sit, and think, and talk to You, and feel.

And what do you feel?

Honestly, it wasn’t a bad day. But You said to keep connected to You, and how am I supposed to do that, when I don’t have a regular, concentrated time to journal and to listen?

What did you do this afternoon?

Ran the errands I needed to run. Took Pete to the bank, we stopped at Yellowhouse, came home, put the puppy pen together outside.

Besides all that?

I took a few minutes and photographed the monarch butterflies on my lantana bush.

You noticed them. And you took some time to watch them and then to photograph them.


Do you remember the verse that says, whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Me?

Yes, of course.

You treat yourself in your own thinking as less than the least of these. You contributed charitably, you helped your friend get his car, you finished up the long refi at the bank, you did business tasks at home before that and after that…and in the middle of all that, you gave your attention to honor these winged flights of beauty–and you felt guilty for those few minutes. Didn’t you? Isn’t that why you laid your camera down and moved on to another task? All those errands and chores you did to help anyone else, they count for something in your thinking, in your assessment of your day. But taking time to count butterflies? Not so much. Yet those few minutes were actually minutes of serenity and calm for you. And although you were not uttering prayers, you were actually praying the whole time. You were living moments in deliberate honor and gratitude and you were noticing the beauty of your world.

Lord, it was amazing! There were monarchs and painted ladies and I don’t know who all, on that one bush!

There is more than one way to set a bush ablaze. With Moses I chose fire. Today with you, I chose wings the color of flame. Drink beauty like water. That is one more way to stay connected to all that is, and to Me, as the Source and Creator of all that is. I Am glad you enjoyed the dance of the butterflies. You could not hear them, but angels were making the music they could hear and all to refresh you. Now, let me ask you one more question. How do you feel right now?

Relaxed. Refreshed. Grateful. And somehow leaning on You. And You are smiling.

Yes, yes I Am.

3 Replies to “Dancing Butterflies”

  1. Thank you. Beautiful. I never thought the few minutes grabbed to photograph something beautiful of His Creation was still staying connected to my Father. I too feel guilty when I “interrupt” my busy day to stand still & photograph something that caught my eye. NOW I know I can still be connected & worship my Heavenly Father during those moments I pick up my camera, pause & soak in the beauty in front of me.
    Confession, I am more guilty of seeing something, thinking how beautiful & that I must photograph it, but suddenly the busy to do list looms & I never stop. Yet the Father keeps placing beauty in front of me waiting for me to stop, see, & worship Him in that moment.

    1. I think I am being given this same message over and over because I obtain so much joy and peace when I stop, and notice, and photograph. I say I am my best self, outside! I keep hearing that I was born to notice all these things, born to share them. And from your comments, Gail, I would be bold to say the same is true for you, I am sure of it. It is funny–we would never question someone asserting a call to teach, or preach, or to become a doctor. We applaud their obvious ministerings to others through their work. Why do we then struggle that this life-work, this practice, of ours can equally touch others as well as bless and strengthen us? I pray your life circumstances begin to give you more doors and windows to creation, moments to soak in it and opportunities to share what you see.

  2. Thank you. I feel peace when I get into my “zone”, just me, the Father and His creation. So much peace that I really don’t want to leave that place.

    May God continue to bless you & your family (including the sweet furbaby). Maybe one day He will orchestrate our paths….. allowing us to meet!

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