The Most Peace

The sun, this Sunday morning, threw a pink glow into the clouds at 6:30. The color gave me peace, like I could breathe. I think “outdoors” as a generic term is my peace-place, my peace-time. But You asked me yesterday, what gives me the most peace? I think of peace in two ways–as a connection to everything and everyone, and as calm, or non-agitation. So the most peace, I guess, is the experience I have outside either in beautiful light or with critters, or in combination. You made me, You said, to connect with You. And with the natural world. So is it wrong that I find my greatest peace outside, in that connection?

Little One, you have been so schooled to think in terms of right and wrong, excel or fail, okay or not-okay. I Am trying to teach you, to show you, another way of looking at your life. If you think in terms of Joy, of Peace, of Love–of all the fruits of My Spirit like gentleness and patience and kindness or in terms of gratitude–you will find yourself making “right” choices, “excelling” in all the ways that matter, and living a very “okay” life indeed. In fact, you will be living an abundant life.

So right and wrong don’t matter?

I Am trying to shift your perceptions away from that duality into a mindset, into a heart focus where Love and Peace and Joy matter most of all, where your connection to Me matters most of all. Can you see that, if you could live in deliberate, conscious connection to Me every minute, even for 24 hours, you would be living in a realm in which “wrong” becomes literally irrelevant? This is what heaven is like–and it is the Kingdom-Come-On-Earth I tried to teach My Disciples when I came as Jesus. It’s the life I lived in a human body. It’s a life I Am inviting you to live. The more you live here, the less you live in fear or doubt or angst or stress–or at odds with any other living being.

What if they live at odds with me? Or my values? What then?

What do you want for someone like that? What do you truly want?

Lord, I want them to be well. To prosper. To have a wonderful, amazing, abundant life. I want that for everybody. I want them healed, in body or mind or spirit.

Now you are thinking as I think, feeling as I feel.

Lord, this idea of always being connected, of there being no wrong in that state of being–is that what You meant by praying without ceasing?

Yes. Praying without ceasing doesn’t mean you have to become a cloistered person, on your knees, chanting religious sounding words every waking minute. It means what I have been saying to you: stay connected. Don’t unplug. Live in My Life. But live life. Life is My Gift to you. So embrace it. Relish it. Cherish it. Live it–but live it connected to Me.