In The Bubble

Ok, I need to quit so I can shower. My thoughts dart–like butterflies–this/that/the other…

Try to settle, for today, on today. Try to be present. All your tomorrows are in My Hands–and you will unwrap them as they come. Some you will unwrap early so you can plan, or prepare. But for today, just unwrap today.

Remember the snow globes you had, as a child? Well, I want you to imagine holding in your hands a globe that was filled with light, with dancing and sparkling and shimmering light. As you peer in and look from every angle, something new is revealed. Trust Me to provide an extraordinary experience in the most ordinary of days–today. My Hands are on your hands. If you let Me, I can make today a day to remember.

Ok, Lord, thank You. I love You, Lord. Thank You. You know how much I want to bless my friends.

Of course I know! This reunion is from Me. I want to bless them too–and I want to bless them through and with you.